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Phone: 00973 17536633

Hello and welcome to Golden Sands!

Slip your shoes off, lay back in the arms of tranquility and embrace the warmth of Golden Sands. A home that embodies elegance, comfort and all the intricate luxurious of life. Unique to its nature, it arose from your wishes of a home in the heart of Bahrain.

As little pockets of apartments blanket central town and with dearth of space in the early eighties, dreams of luxurious apartments were conceded inconceivable. We simply changed dreams into reality. Now here is an opportunity to relish the glories of both worlds- the spaciousness of a villa, as well as a prime location where civic amenities are easily accessible. Replicating the characteristics of villas, we provide spacious semi-furnished apartments inclusive of maids quarters, store rooms, dressing rooms and so on; not to mention one of the biggest pool in Bahrain that welcomes siestas with an enchanting calmness. With an area that befits your every day requirements, be it your work place, shopping centers or local market; we try to make life as easy as possible. As for your children, let them enjoy and explore the wide expanse of our play area. Our in-house management and maintenance team offers efficient services for your required needs. With complete air-conditioned complex, including corridors and indoor common facilities, we help you break from the heat Bahrain in renowned for.

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